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If creating your own digital agency is one of your life goals, then you're in the right place!

OptimEurope Créer son agence digitale en franchise

Who has never dreamed about being independent and working for themselves, while benefiting from training, support and tools on a par with those of a large group?

Are you an entrepreneur or have you always wanted to be but are too scared to take the plunge?

OptimEurope Holding allows you to make your move while relying on a company that has already helped numerous franchises. You can read about their experiences here.

OptimEurope Holding, owner of the Optimize 360 brand and guarantor of its know-how

Its fields of intervention and business lines include:

Natural Referencing (or SEO – Search Engine Optimization)
Paid Searches (or SEA – Search Engine Advertising)
Social Media Strategy
Online Reputation
Inbound Marketing

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A little background !

Optimize 360, an Optimize CHR 2.0 brand founded in 2012, is now represented by 5 franchises (or more specifically trademark licences) throughout France.

D’abord seule entité au départ, Optimize 360 Paris s’est implantée ensuite sur Genève et Lyon en 2017, puis Bordeaux et Paris Ouest Normandie en 2018, puis sur le Grand Est (Metz / Nancy / Strasbourg) en 2019.

Initially the only entity, Optimize 360 Paris then opened its doors in Geneva and Lyon in 2017, followed by Bordeaux and West Paris-Normandy in 2018, and the Grand Est region (Metz/Nancy/Strasbourg) in 2019.

Its know-how is particularly directed towards self-employed clients and/or consortiums of self-employed clients and it is now a leader in the Leisure, Receptive and Tourism sector.

Optimize 360 clients are very much rooted in CHR (Cafés, Hotels and Restaurants) and the recreational sports realms (Golf, Rugby, Scuba-diving).

OptimEurope Holding, founded in 2018 as the “bridgehead” of the franchises, seeks to continue to cover France and Europe by developing the Optimize 360 brand through franchises/trademark licences.

Creating an online agency does not guarantee a target turnover, even when the market is buoyant

In the same way, if you are a good salesperson, nothing guarantees that you have enough technical training to provide the right services with the right tools and good customer references.

When you start your activity, your potential clients will ask you who you already work with…

OptimEurope Holding not only provides you with specialized training at the outset, but de facto gives you tools and references you would never have access to if you were setting out alone.

Becoming an expert overnight, both regarding your digital marketing approach and social media, and having access to the best tools necessary for a communication agency, is very difficult when you’re starting out on your own.

You will be up against specialised agencies. You will have to find clients and need to remain professional in all circumstances in order to be taken seriously and seen as a credible option.

Knowing how to create a website does not mean you know how to sell it and ensure it is well-referenced.

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The initial OptimEurope training to help you create your digital company.

The initial OptimEurope training to help you create your digital company:

5 days of theory-based training
5 days of practical training and support in the field upon the launch.

When you join Optimize, you will receive training in the following areas:

Drawing up a business plan
Training in Sales and Negotiation techniques
Training in natural referencing (SEO) and paid searches (SEA – Google Ads)
Training in optimising client social media
Training in SEO high-quality writing (community management of content)
Training in Online Reputation tools
Time management and business organisation
Training in internal tools (CRM, Audit and referencing monitoring tools)

Je postule chez Optimize

The OptimEurope /Optimize 360 team spirit

When you join Optimize 360, you join a serious, young, dynamic and united team.
We therefore carefully consider any application to join our team.

The candidate must of course work for themselves as company director, but also respect our values of solidarity and cohesion.

Rejoignez une équipe motivée, Participez à cette success story, Vivez l'aventure de l'entrepreneuriat

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