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Get the training you need to create your own digital marketing agency

Becoming an Optimize 360 franchisee* is the guarantee that you will be given the training you need before you take the plunge and become an entrepreneur

In return for the franchise fees*, OptimEurope will provide you with training and the tools you need to start your Digital Agency off on the right foot.

5 days of theory-based training in digital professions

During this 5-day programme, you will be provided with sound training in the main concepts you need to be aware of when you start out as an Optimize 360 Digital Agency.

  • Training in sales and negotiation in the Digital domain
  • Analysis of the potential target areas in which you will set up your agency
  • Training in Natural Referencing
  • Training in Paid Searches (Google Ads)
  • Training in professional use of the main social networks
  • Training in how to organise your franchise (time management, sales performance)
  • Training in the use of common tools (CRM, Audit and SEO/SEA monitoring tools, tools for managing multiple social media accounts, business and competitive intelligence tools)
  • Training in use of Online Reputation Management Software
  • Sales Policy /Billing
  • Setting up and managing a provisional operating account

5 days of practical training post-Franchise launch

During this 5-day programme, the network manager will help you to negotiate and confirm your first client meetings so that your business starts off on the right foot.

You will benefit from the presence of Optimize 360 employees, who will help you to prepare for client visits and negotiate your first client contracts.
You will therefore benefit from the extensive experience of those who have gone before you, avoiding stress, on the one hand, and the potential pitfalls of your first sales negotiations, on the other hand.

When you first start out, you cannot anticipate everything: the trick questions, the objections you will have to deal with, the technical data which is easily forgotten during the first few months as you find your feet.

Optimize 360 helps you to become independent in the best possible conditions.

Your success is our success and that of the Optimize 360 brand.

Guidance, everyday support, ongoing training

Each franchisee is the boss of their own structure and, as such, is also responsible for updating their knowledge and expertise as well as that of their teams when applicable.

Optimize 360 ensures, in parallel, that its franchisees are able to meet the quality standards which bring into play its credibility and brand image with respect to end clients.

OptimEurope therefore organises mandatory training so that all franchises can update and develop their knowledge.

Updating sessions are organised remotely (Zoom Meetings) or on-site as soon as technical and technological evolutions make it necessary.

The franchisor also provides guidance and carries out an annual operating audit along with the franchisee to ensure that tools and standards of service are implemented.

On a daily basis, Optimize 360 and its franchisees are on hand for their own colleagues, via several WhatsApp groups, to provide occasional and quick help of any kind whatsoever.
What happens if you encounter a technical problem? Or are having difficulties or specific issues with potential clients?

Optimize 360 will always be there. It does everything in its power to ensure that franchisees benefit from the best possible conditions for working and providing their clients with a high-quality service.

Finally, Optimize 360 has acquired the best licensed tools on the market.
Optimize 360 is also a certified “Google Partner” agency.

In this respect, and with regards to support with and use of its tools, an annual license fee corresponding to 10% of turnover (excluding taxes) is paid quarterly to OptimEurope by its franchisees.

Shared tools include

Office equipment/Internet/internal communication

  • Google Suite
  • Shared Factbook under Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • WordPress
  • Groupes WhatsApp (news – help)
  • Zoom us
  • Loom
  • Internal Groupe Facebook
  • Hubspot Chat

CRM & Inbound Marketing

  • Hubspot commercial
  • Hubspot marketing


  • Shared Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • SEMrush Entreprise
  • Shared MCC Adwords Centre

Meta Search

  • Special partnerships (confidential)


  • Special partnerships (confidential)

Leads Tracker & Generator

  • Albacross
  • Inbound wordpress – hubspot
  • Sortlist
  • Linkedin Sales Navigator
  • Business introducer network

Sales proposals /customer services

  • Get Accept
  • Chat Hubspot
  • Call us for free
  • Hubspot diary for appointments
  • Rdv Zoom us

Social Media

    • Shared Facebook Business Manager
    • Google My Business Pro
    • Hootsuite

Competitive intelligence

    • Feedly

Booking Engines / Channel Managers

  • Special partnerships (confidential)

Join a motivated team, Take part in this success story, Live the adventure of entrepreneurship

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