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SEO, SEA, Social Media strategy, E-Réputation and Inbound Marketing

Optimize 360 is now an expert in digital strategy in a number of areas.

Creating your digital agency with Optimize 360 will make you an expert in SEO, SEA, Social Media Strategy, E-Réputation and Inbound Marketing.

Natural Referencing. Also known as "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimize360 SEM search engine marketing

The purpose of natural referencing is to make website URLs appear as high as possible in the search results of the main search engines. (Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, Yandex, Baïdu etc.)

Optimize 360 has developed extensive skills during its 8 years of experience in the field.

Properly referencing a website requires a number of techniques and specific know-how. You cannot become an expert in referencing overnight.

When you become an Optimize 360 franchisee, you learn to use the “Optimize 360 Method”.

Optimize trains its franchisees in the best referencing techniques and uses the most effective monitoring tools on the market.

Paid Searches. Also called "SEA" (Search Engine Advertising)

Even if natural referencing is a guarantee of long-term presence in search results as it is permanent, paid searches (Google Ads, Bing Ads etc.) can be useful if you want to move quickly or a domain proves highly competitive.

Google, for example, which represents almost 95% of searches made online in France and Europe, auctions the first 4 search results at the top of its results page.

To be featured, there is no other choice but to go through its Google Ads advertising system.

However, to properly configure the campaigns, you must surround yourself with experienced professionals.

Investing in Google Ads can be extremely expensive and ineffective if incorrectly configured.

Optimize 360 is a certified “Google Partner” paid search agency.

Becoming an Optimize franchisee means joining an agency which has successfully passed the tests to prove its command of the Google Ads tool.

By joining Optimize 360, you also benefit from our know-how and have access to the panel (MCC Adwords Centre) of existing clients who have entrusted Optimize with their campaigns.

Social Media strategy. Managing social media for professional purposes.

There is very little difference in managing your personal Facebook profile or Instagram and managing your professional accounts.

There are so many social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter etc.), so which should you choose or prioritise? How often should you publish?

How should you implement an acquisition strategy via social media? How should you prospect BtoB using social media?

Optimize 360 is able to determine and advise its clients on the best strategy to adopt in this regard.

Initially, the role to be given to Google and “everything else” must be determined.


Because, on Google, we are dealing with a public who is actively searching, while, on social media, we are dealing with a “contemplative” public who, except for a few rare exceptions, are not there to buy, search or find an offer or service.

For this reason alone, we will not have the same approach on Google as on all other networks, which are a means of promoting image, building communities and possibly providing customer services.

Inbound Marketing. The ability to generate incoming Leads almost effortlessly.

Inbound Marketing is a process whose principle is to capture qualified traffic on its website, to identify the profile of Internet users who visit the site and to capture its coordinates in order to feed them with information leading them to a purchasing decision process.

The challenge is therefore first to ensure that website traffic is in line with buyer persona, who are likely to buy the products and services presented on the website.

And so beforehand to have clearly identified who these Buyer Persona are in order to present them with articles, content, interesting white papers as part of their quests and research.

As you will understand, any Inbound Marketing approach requires a website that is very well SEO referenced in  in order to make sure people who visit it are already in tune with the products and services presented.

Optimize 360 to fully master the method and process, has applied itself to this Inbound Marketing approach, and is now able to explain and resell the concept to its own potential customers.

E-Réputation. Know how to analyse, control and influence it.

Increasingly important in consumer choice, E-Reputation has become a major and often tense issue for Off Trade establishments (cafés, hotels, restaurants), but also for companies and shops.

Optimize 360 uses leading technology partners to analyze its impact and implications.

Knowing what the score and comments are on Tripadvisor is “easy”.

Having an exhaustive and permanent aggregation and follow-up of all comments and ratings left all over the web is another matter.

Optimize 360 owns these aggregators and is able to provide a synthetic and consolidated view of all the comments and ratings of Internet users, but also is able to anwser, or even challenge them from a back office that gives access to all platforms at once.

Knowing how to manage your E-Reputation also means being able to pilot and manage the levers that allow you to correct and improve it.

These tools also make it possible to compensate for the presence and passage of mystery visitors and  shoppers because the resulting semantic and categorical analysis makes it possible to isolate all the criteria we need (reception, quality of services, cleanliness, etc.)

Conclusion: create a company in the digital world, become a company manager in the digital world

If, as part of your business creation, your objective is to create a digital agency, as you will have understood it, today requires a transversal knowledge on the different web professions extremely rich.

Do you know how to create mobile applications? Do you know how to create websites?… very well!

But you will have to establish a Business Plan, a commercial policy, create your own website very well referenced. Feed it. Be able to have a good commercial contact. Ideally to have a base of qualified prospects ready to work with you….

Once you have completed the tour of your address book, your turnover may find it difficult to exceed X,000 euros…..

Optimize 360 is able to provide you with what you need, whether it is upstream or ongoing training, or the ability to rely on first-rate work tools.

Creating your company in the digital on your own  can quickly prove to be limited both in technical capabilities and in the ability to generate additional customers.

It will have to be successfully developed, taking into account the multiple technological changes (algorithms of search engines and social networks, evolution of each social network on a daily basis, etc.)

Optimize 360 will ensure that you don’t do this alone and will accompany you to observe and train you on the latest trends in each digital tool or network.